Memory: An Open Residency with Water School

Water School’s Open Residency is a digital space to share our experiences, perspectives and wisdom related to memory and water.

During the month of April, residents will connect and share over Discord and Mighty Networks, and are welcome to propose and host their own activations. 

At the same time there will also be several online workshops/presentations by people living in/near coastal New York, the Colorado River Basin, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, and by the sea in Bahia, Brazil.

Because water is in relationship with so many things, the residency is open to other connections people want to make with water, whether that’s dreams, plants, spacetimes, resistence, home or some other guiding keyword.

This Open Residency uses the templates Cyberwitch and Pleasure Ceremonialist Cy X created during “Water  as Technology”, a format that is “inspired by Sonia Kiran (Raver Jinn)’s Gatebreaking Manifesto and desires to imagine a format of engagement that embraces shared knowledge, shared resources, open access, and fluid participation”.

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